Work fields

Working with over 80 permanent employees, adding more staff on specific seasons such as planting and harvest, the structure of our company is divided in different areas and different regions within Entre Ríos. All of these interacting together to achieve efficiency, communication and coordination in each of the tasks to be performed.


The neuralgic center of business operations.


Keeping track of the crops in every development stage, through professional technical advice and constant training.


Performs spraying to 90% of the planted hectares, composed by a modern machinery park that allows reaching our goals in a timely manner.


In charge of repairing the equipment, vehicles, machinery and infrastructure in general of the company, as well as field maintenance, both internal and third party (mills, wiring, roads).

Human Resources

Responsible of personnel matters, from staff administration to recruiting, training, communication, CSR, among others.


In charge of cereal transportation, from our fields to our plants and from our plants to port. Its load capacity is 50% of the total production.


A state of the art silo plant with a storage capacity of 6.400 tons, in charge of cereal handling and reconditioning, storage and logistics of seed and provisioning of liquid and grainy fertilizers.

Fueling Post

Supplies fuel for every equipment, both internal and third party, serving the company.


In charge of seed selection and crop organization. This new area of production falls within the objectives of our company to keep improving the efficiency of our production.

Making the access to higher quality seeds possible, increasing productivity by hectare, adding value to the actual business.

Business area

Oriented to attract new customers to collection, seedlings and specific businesses related to the activity.