Honors and Awards

Agricultural Entrepreneur Award

On November 30th 2011 the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation and the most representative entities of the sector had awarded us for our work “Berardo Agropecuaria, producing together”. 42 enterprises from 12 provinces and Capital Federal participated in the contest.

In the first instance we were awarded in the “Agricultural Activity showing Entreprenurial Resourcefulness” category and finally we obtained the highest distinction of the 22nd Edition of the Agricultural Entrepreneur Award of the BBVA Francés 2011, whose authors were Carolina Butelli and Gisela Pozzi.

The Agricultural Entrepreneur Award has become “a classic”, a prize and an encouragement for those business men, producers, associations and professionals of the agricultural sector who had innovated in their companies achieving an improved profitability due to those upgrades.

Throughout its history the Agricultural Entrepreneur Award has built its own image and identity, positioning as an award to the honor, effort and initiative of our valuable countrymen.

Dow AgroSciences Development Award to people in the Agricultural Sector

In September 19th 2013 Dow AgroSciences hosted the 13th Edition of the Development Award to People in the Agricultural Sector. We were selected from over 22 works from different provinces. Our company’s presentation focused on our main actions performed throughout our history regarding our staff, our families and the social institutions such as schools and clubs of our very own city.

We were awarded with the first prize in the SME category, in recognition of the efforts to improving and encouraging development of our people to contribute with sector growth. Its authors were Francisco Berardo, Gisela Pozzi and Jesica Gonzalo.

For Dow AgroSciencies people are the most important capital and training is the key resource for growth. Thereby, with this initiative they intend to actively promote those who recognize and are aware of its staff being the essential factor. Spreading the most prominent cases to pursue the awakening of the emulation spirit and promote people’s comprehensive development.


Brig. My. Juan Ignacio San Martín Trophy

We received recognition from the Friends of the Industry Museum Association BRIG. MY. JUAN IGNACIO SAN MARTIN of Córdoba, in which Industries and Companies of Argentina are awarded for their history and innovation, in order to collect and guard the anecdotes and lessons always pursuing the multiplying element of thought, contribution to the country and knowledge of the various industries in benefit of future generations.