Company History

Berardo Agropecuaria SRL is a family business located in Urdinarrain, a city with a population over 9.000 in the south of Entre Ríos. Is in this city where in 1987 we started with the agricultural and livestock business.

From 1997 on the business focused in agricultural production exclusively. Starting with conventional farming, mainly flax, sunflower and some corn, with no more than 300 hectares being the same of our own or of our family. By starting with soybean production the business positioned as one of the first producers in the area to work with this, until then unknown, crop.

We were pioneers on direct seeding in the region, which allowed to increase the surface for agricultural exploitation and accomplish our work in a timely manner.

While soybean is the main crop of our business we also perform rotations with other crops such as wheat, corn and sunflower.

The introduction of the Shared Plantings system, the solid bases of knowledge, the permanent innovation and good agricultural practices allowed our business to experience great growth in the last 10 years. Increasing size from 2.000 hectares in 1990 to 40.000 hectares in 2014.

As this new system was implemented we accomplished surprising results. We performed alliances with new partners and new fields. The area altered from livestock to a direct seeding agriculture, crop rotation, fertilization and strategic actions; this new scenario brought new challenges that our company was willing to accept. This allowed a great expansion of our business.

We divide and specialize our areas professionally, hiring highly qualified staff members set to the highest standards of the market and our partners, providing reliable information in time.

Berardo Agropecuaria keeps on growing at a steady pace, not only in planting surface but also incorporating new machinery in order to obtain the services the production requires such as trucks, sprayers, fertilizer, silos; becoming the main producer in Entre Ríos.

To this day the company continues innovating and providing answers to the changes and alterations that the economic, political and social context presents. Developing new businesses that allowed to spread out the business units, providing our partners with high standard and high quality services. Incorporating the certified seed production, special products such as pea and chickpea, collection services to third parties, etc.

Our growth is and will always be based in development and introduction of new technologies adaptable to every production area, accompanied by permanent professional training of our staff members.